Engineering NDT

Morgan Ward NDT employs all non-destructive testing methods to inspect welded structures, sub-assemblies and machined components used in the nuclear, petrochemical, defence and general engineering sectors.

We offer approved inspection services within our purpose-built NDT laboratories across the UK and many of our services can also be offered on site when products are too large or difficult to transport.

Our engineering NDT services include, but are not limited to:

  • Manual ultrasonic examination of welded fabrications, forgings and castings.
  • Semi-automated ultrasonic & eddy current inspection of bars, billet and tube products
  • Radiographic inspection of welds, castings and composite structures.
  • Condition monitoring of in-service items which include thickness testing, corrosion monitoring, conductivity, hardness testing, thermography and visual inspection.
  • Fluorescent/black & white magnetic particle inspection using static bench machines or portable inspection equipment.
  • Fluorescent/colour contrast dye penetrant inspection using static line systems or portable inspection equipment.
  • Visual inspection of all engineering products.

Fully detailed and comprehensive reports are issued with each item/batch tested.

Any of our NDT services are available to manufacturers and operators on a world-wide basis. Smaller sub-assemblies and transportable components can be submitted for a test at any of our laboratories in Manchester, Prestwick and Stansted.

All our inspectors are level II or level III certified to EN4179/NAS410, PCN or ASNT where relevant.

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