Morgan Ward recognises the need for this website to be accessible to all and we have implemented a number of features to make this website easy to use.

This website aims to conform to the Priority 1 (Level A) standard of the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. It also includes many features found in “AA” accessible sites such as colour considerations and easily resizable fonts. We will continue to make improvements and try to make sure this website conforms to these guidelines.

While we would like to say this is categorically so, it is a judgement call; as many guidelines are intentionally vague and cannot be tested automatically. However, we have reviewed the guidelines and believe that all these pages are in compliance.


To enlarge the text on this site

Most browsers offer a zoom function, which can be enabled using a menu option, usually View or Zoom.

A keyboard shortcut for this function would usually be executed by pressing the “CTRL” and “+” keys together to zoom in, “CTRL” and “-” to zoom out, and “CTRL and “0” (zero) keys to reset back to the default zoom level (100%).


This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the presentation and layout. As a result, screen reader users can use the reader’s navigation key to move around the site. If you are listening to the site, menus have been grouped in a more logical order.


The content has been written and formatted to make it accessible. For example:

  • Headings highlight sections of text
  • Links use meaningful text
  • Forms can be navigated using the Tab key
  • All images have meaningful alternate text descriptions.
  • We use a font style which is easy to read
  • We ensure that navigation through the site remains consistent
  • We do not rely on just colour as the only way of giving information

Contact Us

We are constantly striving to further improve accessibility. Please Contact us if you have questions or feedback regarding the accessibility of this site, or if you have difficulty using it.