Ultrasonic Immersion

Our purpose-built semi-automatic test facility is available for ultrasonic immersion and/or eddy current examination of round bar, tube and extruded materials.

Both test units are calibrated using reference specimens of the same material and geometry as the items to be tested and containing artificial defects introduced in accordance with applicable test standards.

We have the privilege of working alongside Airbus and BAE approved suppliers, helping them to meet the prime specific material acceptance criteria requirements. We regularly work to the specifications listed below:

  • AMS 2154 Class A/AA/AAA
  • AMS 2631 D
  • RO5-6104
  • Airbus ABP 6-5232
  • Siemens SAF2507

We are happy to work to any other customer specific specifications or procedures.

Devices are built into the test units to locate unacceptable discontinuities revealed during scanning, for sentencing in accordance with applicable standards. Comprehensive reports are issued with each batch of items tested.

Large Tank
Max length: 9.0 metres
Diameter: 12 – 600mm
Max weight: 2 tonnes per item

All our inspectors are level II or level III certified to EN4179/NAS410, PCN or ASNT, where relevant.

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