Phased Array Inspection

Phased Array Ultrasonics (PAUT) is an advanced non-destructive method of ultrasonic testing that is used to locate flaws in materials across the industrial, defence, marine and aerospace sectors.

Phased array is widely used across industrial sectors such as oil and gas, nuclear and large-scale construction. PAUT is generally considered an advanced NDT method, commonly used to detect component failures but also used in the inspection of welds, corrosion mapping, and thickness measurements over larger areas.

In the aerospace industry, phased array is employed in the inspection of engine blades, scribe line inspections and in mapping areas of aircraft skins for remaining thicknesses and corrosion levels.

Morgan Ward’s technicians are qualified to carry out and advise on phased array techniques and custom inspections and can conduct tests on-site globally and at any one of our UK laboratories.

All our inspectors are level II or level III certified to EN4179/NAS410 or PCN, where relevant.


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