ELCH Testing

ELCH, (Elasticity of Laminate Checker), is used on site to detect damage in fibre-reinforced and other laminated materials.

Damage to aircraft can often occur after collisions with bird, baggage handling equipment or water ingress. The damage caused is not always immediately visible. Delamination, ruptures and structural flaws may occur and can result in a loss of structural integrity.

ELCH can establish within seconds whether an aircraft can continue flying or if it needs to undergo repairs.

More specifically, ELCH inspections are used in accordance with Airbus rudder NTM task 55-40-09 ‘Inspection of the bonding layers between rudder side panel honeycomb structure and the external skins of the rudder side panels’.

Morgan Ward NDT can offer a quick and cost effective service to the airline industry on a worldwide basis. We have approved engineers and the ELCH kit ready to inspect any Airbus A318/319/320/321/330 or 340 aircraft.


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