Dye Penetrant Testing

Dye penetrant testing (also known as liquid penetrant inspection) is a non-destructive testing method for detecting surface-breaking flaws such as cracks, corrosion, porosity, laps and bursts in a variety of non-porous materials including metals, ceramics and plastics.

Whether used on-site or in one of our laboratories, penetrant inspection has, for many years, proven itself to be a highly efficient, cost effective, reliable and safe solution for detecting surface breaking flaws/faults.

Morgan Ward commonly use dye penetrant for inspections of non-ferrous components using specific penetrant dye lines in our laboratories and at customer locations worldwide. Typical inspections include aircraft structures and components, castings, forgings and welded fabrications.

Our technicians have expertise in all types of dye penetrant inspection methods including colour contrast (Red Dye), fluorescent, post-emulsifiable and water wash for larger complex geometrical components.

All our inspectors are level II or level III certified to EN4179/NAS410, PCN or ASNT where relevant.


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